Giddy Excitement


What could be more exciting then finally getting rid of two months worth of garbage piled up in black plastic trash bags (all ripped open from coyotes and ground squirrels)?   My very own personal dumpster that is going to be emptied every other week.  After finally doing the math I realized that $43 a month to have the trash magically disappear is a deal compared to the act of having to load piles of rotting garbage into my own truck and haul it to the dump way out in Landers (a procedure that usually eats up at least half of the day). And of course the build up of having to go to the dump is far worse then the task itself – a psychological burden that I’m able to draw out to epic proportions.

Long Haul

110318_0022What is the opposite of a quick fix?  Whatever you want to call it, that is the long saga of trying to repair three wagon stations after they were demolished by the wind in February of 2008.  Yesterday TK fastened new aluminum and lexan to the hoods.  Before that was a string of work performed by at least seven different people to get them to their current state.  and a few times we even had to backtrack and do things over again, such as when newly repaired panels were blown out a second time by the wind while they were still sitting on the studio patio. (just one more reason why the indoor studio is going to be such an improvement)

AndreaAndDavid_PhotoByD.Dodge_0577Here is the Wagon Station in it’s original glory – a luxurious doublewide…   until it flipped by the wind (below) and then another windstorm hit a day later , breaking it down even further, scattering the pieces all over A-Z West.

DSC01833Finally, by the end of yesterday, two of the units have their shiny new hoods are ready for detailing…